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Hello, I am new at duolingo.

Good afternoon my friends, my name is Jorge Redondo, I am from Colombia and live in Barranquilla. I am forty two years old and I am married. I have two childrens, Melanie, she has nine years old and Emanuel, he has seven years old. I am Christian and I love to my Lord Jesus Christ whit all my heart. God bless you.

Hace 2 años

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Hello, Jorge. Thanks for sharing and practice. Have you already seen this? Te puede ser útil. https://www.duolingo.com/comment/13394042

Hace 2 años


Hey Jorge! I'm good thanks, how are you? I'm Colombian too.

God bless you

Hace 2 años


hi Jorge, i am from Colombia too. good bless you

Hace 2 años

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hi, welcome!

Hace 2 años

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