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  5. "June and July."

"June and July."

Translation:Mis Mehefin a mis Gorffenaf.

February 7, 2016


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Is it a typo when 'mis' has initial capitals when not starting a sentence, or is it a matter of personal preference?


I believe that it is a typo, but I can see why some people might capitalize it.


You don't have to say Mis in front of each month, Mehefin a Gorffenaf will do.


Though then Mawrth could perhaps be misunderstood as "(planet) Mars" rather than "March" (or "Tuesday"?) ?


Wondering whether the month of July is spelled two ways with a single or dubble n


No, only double n is correct.

As far as I know, the course maintainers have corrected the ones that had the wrong spelling (single n) where they could, but Duolingo has a problem that causes deleted sentences to still appear some of the time, so you may come across ones like this one that have the wrong spelling.


I understand there is a problem with this. It has not been corrected but now I have the correct spelling. Thanks!

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