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Completed simultaneously Spanish and German skill trees!

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Spanish was a totally new language for me; I finished the skill tree without interrupting on 17th level (140-days streak, 10686 skill points, 1571 words)

I did not have to learn German, so I did the tree just to test the system and myself, achieved 11th level (only 3829 skill points, 1710 words).

I am still just a beginner in Spanish and have a native level in German - so DL learning level shows little about the actual knowledge. Completing only a DL skill tree without immersion is a good basis for further learning. There remains a lot of work to achieve e.g. intermediate level.

4 years ago


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That's awesome! Congrats :) Duo is a great starting point for learning the basics...it'll help you pick up Spanish quicker when you're able to do some type of real immersion/conversation.

4 years ago



4 years ago