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  5. "This new cheese is tasty."

"This new cheese is tasty."

Translation:Ten nowy ser jest smaczny.

February 7, 2016



why is it nowy instead of nowa?


Because the noun "ser" is masculine and everything has to match. "nowa" is feminine.

Compare "el queso nuevo" (correct) and "la queso nueva" (incorrect).


thanks for all your explanations, they are really helpful!! just one moe question, how do you know "ser" is masculine? do you just have to memorize it like with french, or do the endings indicate the gender like with spanish or italian?


Generally it's the ending, even if there are exceptions to it. You have to look at the Nominative form, the basic one.

If it ends with a consonant, the noun is most probably masculine.

If it ends with -a, the noun is most probably feminine.

If it ends with -o, -ę or -um, the noun is neuter.

Apart from that, the logic may indicate the gender. Words like "tata" (dad) and "mężczyzna" (a man) end with -a, but as they clearly describe masculine subjects, they are masculine.


great, thank you!! that definitely clears things up :)


what is the difference between "nowy" and "nowe" ?


Polish has three genders in singular. Adjectives are inflected in order to match the gender of the noun. Check wiktionary.org for declension tables.


Is there a reason "ser" doesn't have it's gender noted?


I placed To instead of jest and it showed that it was wrong. How can I place To in this sentence? Dzieki :)


You can't. You can't use "X to Y" construction if Y is an adjective. You can only use it when both X and Y are noun phrases.

In case of any doubts, check this: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/16373167


is it always WRONG to put adjective after noun e.g. ten ser nowy?


Not always, but here it's wrong. "New" is not a classifier but a temporary property.



Why so many downvotes just for a sad face?

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