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Present tense 1 won't complete to 5/5

This is my second post with no answer. I have completed this lesson a number of times 100%, but it still says 4/5. I am sick of coffi etc.. having done it so many times with no result. I cannot use the "Report a Problem" because I have completed the lesson and there is no such button at the end. A Beta problem I think.

February 7, 2016



I found if I did the lesson instead of timed practice it went to full.


Good to know, thanks. Will try, Yes it worked!


I'm having the same problem and just posted as well. I don't know where else to submit a comment either! Argggg!

EDIT: I have now submitted a report to the Troubleshooting Discussions thread... had to hunt a bit to find it. You might consider doing so also : https://www.duolingo.com/topic/647


'Apersona' just replied and said if you repeat the lessons themselves, it will go to 5/5. I am just off to try! It worked!


Yup, it did for me, too. Thanks :)


Previously reported here, with a workaround: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/13296707

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