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Glitch/Technical Problem in Welsh Tree

I keep "strengthening" the Present Tense 1 in my Welsh tree, but it never shows that I've reached full strength, no matter how many times I do it... with no mistakes.... even on timed. Believe me, I can now do "I like coffee (and lemon, or chocolate)" and "I like Monday" and "I don't like Friday" in my sleep, since that's all that's in this skill! I even quickly recognize the alternates.

Am I the only person having this issue?

February 7, 2016



This has happened to a few other people and was solved by percival about a week ago. All you have to do is ignore the strengthening tab and do the lesson over again, just 8-10 questions if I remember correctly, and that will fulfil the strengthening bar and you will be 'golden' once again!


Thank you so much, that did the trick!


Thanks so much, now I know how to resolve that issue if it comes up again :)


Thanks - first time my tree has been fully golden in weeks!


I've been having this issue with Present Tense 1 for a few weeks now, and it doesn't seem to matter how many times I re-do it, it stays red :-(

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