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How similar are Turkish and Arabic?

Would it make sense to study some Turkish as a stepping stone to learning Arabic?

February 7, 2016



They're not. There are some words in common because the Ottoman empire included a lot of Arabic speaking countries and there are borrowings, but that's as far as it goes, I think. Not even the same language family.


Yes, as a native speaker, I guarantee you are right.

[deactivated user]

    From what I know they share some vocabulary but that's the only advantage you would have since both languages have completely different roots.


    As a Turkish native speaker I can say no. They have common words but different structures. Turkish and other Turkic languages are Altaic languages while Arabic is Semitic language. For Arabic starting with Hebrew would be better however for Turkish you can start with Korean or Japanese maybe Finnish.


    Japanese, Korean and Finnish have noting to do with Turkish. They are not even in the same family language


    Why would you, though? Surely if you want to learn Arabic you learn Arabic and if you want to learn Turkish you learn Turkish rather than try to absorb another script that doesn't particularly interest you? Who has the time?


    Hebrew and Maltese are a better stepping stone to learn Arabic than Turkish. They are in the semitic family while Turkish is in another family


    Would it make sense to study some Turkish as a stepping stone to learning Arabic? No (unless perhaps you are a lawyer as some legal words are similar I understand).

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