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  5. "С нами работает итальянка."

"С нами работает итальянка."

Translation:An Italian works with us.

February 7, 2016



An Italian lady works with us. - Is more precise translation, but Duo doesn't like it! Reported, Sep. 2018


Thats what i wrote too


"We have an Italian co-worker"

You used the wrong word. With us, an Italian works.

Ugh, alright, I'll be sure to remember the "correct" one.


Ladies and girls are both of the feminine gender the last time I checked))))


What is wrong with The Italian works with us?


Specifically, an Italian woman.


Although the verb is conjugating with итальянка, would "we work with an Italian" be ok?

[deactivated user]

    I doubt Duolingo would accept it, since that would be written «Мы рабо́таем с италья́нкой».

    In real texts, sometimes it makes sense to change "An Italian [girl] works with us." to "We work with an Italian", but I think Duolingo generally doesn't accept such things.


    I'm not sure why (in some contexts at least, when the person characterized as Italian has been mentioned previously, for example) my translation "The Italian woman works with us" is unacceptable. Would a Russian use эта before the noun in that case?


    Wow, do they even still make those?

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    Дают вариант WORKS


    I think the sound files must be getting updated. We are getting different voices reading the sentences but today this one had no sound. Seen another couple like that recently too. Still, it is fun guessing a sentence from the provided words.


    Hang on, i put italian lady, got it wrong, and 'янка' is clearly feminine...


    There is no correction for the frequently reported missung gender information yet! lady, girl, female or whatever is missug in the suggested solution.


    I'm sure the accepted translation is more correct, but is there a reason why "The italian works with us" is not acceptable?

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