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  5. "daearyddiaeth Sbaen"

"daearyddiaeth Sbaen"

Translation:Spain's geography

February 8, 2016



That’s a long-ass word... Anyone mind deconstructing it?


Daear(F)=Earth. Yddiaeth/iaeth=kind of means -science of in this instance or is sort of like making something a subject e.g gwlad(county)+iaeth= Gwleidyddiaeth (Politics). Also any word ending in "iaeth" is feminine.


daear = earth

-ydd denotes a specialist or someone especially connected... so, deaerydd = geographer ("earth-specialist") (compare: llyfrgell = library [literally, book-cell]; llyfrgellydd = librarian ysgrifennu: write = to write; ysgrifennydd = secretary)

-(i)aeth makes an abstract noun, an idea, an activity etc. so, daear+ydd+iaeth is "earth-specialist-activity", what it is an earth-specialist (geographer) does! (compare: gwerin = the people, the folk; gweriniaeth = a republic)


When translating it as follows 'geography of Spain', I got pinged by Duolingo as wrong with the explanation: You need the article "The" here. (The geography of Spain) Uhm .. huh? Do I? Why?


Duolingo is perhaps being a little bit harsh there, but strictly speaking they are right: if you were using "daearyddiaeth Sbaen" in a sentence it would correspond to "the geography of Spain" (or "Spain's geography") in English. E.g. Dw i'n ysgrifennu llyfr am ddaearyddiaeth Sbaen / I'm writing a book about the geography of Spain; Mae daearyddiaeth Sbaen yn amrywiol iawn / Spain's geography is very varied.


How about "Spanish geography"??


Hmm. The trouble with that formulation is that it could very well mean "the science of geography as it is practised in Spain".

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