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"Unol Daleithiau America"

Translation:the United States of America

February 8, 2016



If Yr Unol Daleithiau translates as the United States then without the Yr the sentence given is United States of America not The United States of America because there is no yr


There is no need for yr to be added to Unol Daleithiau America in order for it to be translated into English as 'the United States of America'. Since 'America' is a proper noun, Welsh does not need to add a definite article in front of it.

The English and Welsh genitive (possessive) patterns are quite different in structure.


I think I understand your response, but not why we are marked incorrect if we don't include the definite article. Could you clarify that part, please? Thanks!


Here's another way to think about it. The English phrase The United States of America is a long form of America's United States, in much the same way that the hat of Kathleen is a long form of Kathleen's hat. The English short form omits the definite article, and Welsh does likewise.


Translating from Welsh to English United States of America without the article was accepted for me 1/23/2021


Why does Unol come first?


A few adjectives come before the noun rather than after it, including hen, prif and unol.

Where an adjective does come before a noun, it causes a soft mutation of the noun.


Does Welsh abbreviate to UDA where English would use USA?

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