"Nie lubię tego czasopisma."

Translation:I do not like this magazine.

February 8, 2016

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I like that it looks like a pretty literal translation of the German "Zeitschrift" (maybe "time-writing" in Englisch^^)... czas in the beginning and ..pis... could be some form of "to write"... Being a beginner in Polish, I don't know about that... Anyway, a nice way to remember it, even if the "explanation" was nonsense :D Too bad you still need to know the English one :D


That's exactly how I had memorized it!! (I'm German)


Does czasopisma have a literal meaning that relates to czas? Like something you read to kill time?


Czasopisma is singular/feminine/genetive, so I assume "ten" must take singular/feminine/genetive also? So should "tego" actually be "tej"?

What am I missing? I can only assume that I am wrong and czasopisma is actually neuter?


"czasopismO" is neuter. "czasopisma" is Genitive neuter singular. And also Nominative/Accusative plural. It's like that for most neuter nouns.


Phew - this is hard work Jellei.

Appreciate the reply - and all replies you give.

Are you guys able to increase the prevalence of identifying the case in the exercises? So when you hover your arrow over the words, it says which case it is in and potential other cases, to assist learning. Currently, that information is only sometimes available.


I'm afraid that Duolingo (the company) doesn't want us to use cases in the hints, because they turn up as 'words' in the word-scramble exercises :/


When I mouse over czasopisma, it says that this form is accusative singular. Yet when I looked it up on Polish wictionary, it says it's accusative plural. https://pl.wiktionary.org/wiki/czasopismo

Am I getting something wrong?



It is singular genitive, plural nominative, also plural accusative and plural vocative. This often happens with neuter and feminine nouns.


Perhaps I'm misreading the chart (the website is entirely in Polish), but as I read it, the chart says that "czasopismo" is nom sing, acc sing, and vocative singular whereas "czasopisma" is nom plural, acc plural, and voc plural.

So shouldn't "I like this magazine" be "Nie lubię ego czasopismo"? What am I missing?


And i have a fever. You are right, and should report when you can( the wrong information, The answer is right.) It is singular genitive. and after "nie ma" you need genitive

Also try English Wiktionary as well. It might be sometimes wrong, so the best way is double checking. ( you can switch language at the left bar) https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/czasopismo


OK, done. Thanks for being so responsive to my posts and hope you feel better!


When i click on "tego" duo says it can mean this, that, and it. However my answer of, "I do not like that magazi ne" was labeled incorrect with the correction being "I do not like 'the' magazine". Is this an error or did i miss something with cases?


An error on our side. "that" is still missing in numerous sentences. Added now.

Any sentence with a form of "ten" should have "this" as the main answer and "the" and "that" being accepted. Any sentence with a form of "tamten" should only accept "that".

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