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"Mae Dylan a Gareth cystal â'u ffrind."

Translation:Dylan and Gareth are as good as their friend.

February 8, 2016



I assume "â'u" is a contraction of "â eu"?


Yes, you can contract most of the personal pronouns in colloquial Welsh after vowels:

â + ei = â'i

o + ein = o'n

i + eich = i'ch

gyda + eu = gyda'u

When ei and eu come after i (the word "to", not the vowel "i"):

i + ei/eu = i'w


I'm also assuming that the "mor" is optional/implied in this case?


There are two words meaning "so, as", cyn and mor. In the literary language cyn is generally used before short adjectives with the ending -ed and mor with longer adjectives.

cyn ddued â'r frân (as black as the crow)

cyn wynned ag eira (as white as snow)

mor ddiddorol â gwylio paent yn sychu (as interesting as watching paint dry)

However mor is most often used in all cases in the southern spoken language.

mor ddu â'r frân

mor wyn ag eira

The "cyn" bit remains in certain common adjectives, however, and they're often used.

cystal â'r llall (as good as the other one)

cynddrwg â dy blant di (as bad as your kids)

cymaint ag elifant (as big as an elephant)

cyn lleied â llygoden (as small as a mouse)

You could of course use mor for those informally.

mor dda â'r llall

mor ddrwg â dy blant di

mor fawr ag elifant

mor fach â llygoden


Yes it is or technically "ag eu" since eu starts with a vowel "â" would become "ag".


"â'u" is much preferred! 'ag eu' is understandable but will cause wrinkled noses in people who prefer their Welsh to be good-looking.

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