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"Moja siostra jest inżynierem."

Translation:My sister is an engineer.

February 8, 2016



Yay! Women in engineering!


Wouldn't this be, "inżynierką"?


no. I would never call myself "inżynierka". This is complicated stuff, which is changing very rapidly but many names of traditionally male occupations/positions have only male names and female names feel deregatory/ did not catch/ describe a wife of a man in that position.

inżynierka and magisterka right now are student slang names for Engineer thesis and exam/ Master's thesis and exam


I also wondered whether there would be a female equivalent. It seems the same process of keeping single terms irrespective of gender is going on in both Polish and English. Good thing too!


the process is going in opposite direction. In English you reduce a number of gendered words, in Polish we invent new ones. But it takes time for them to be in general usage. And out feminist movement kind of goes in both directions. On one hand we want the titles to be on the same level, and some are not perceived the same, on the other we really hate undeclinable words, and sometimes it's a grammar nightmare for Poles.


Some of them are quite funny. Recently I have heard the word "gościna" for a female guest. Needless to say about words like "ministra" or "premiera" which were objects of jokes.


It's a grammar nightmare for Poles?!? XD Spare a thought for non native speakers ;D


I suppose that this as likely as "engineeress" which, yes, is an actual word.


Shouldn't "my sister is engineer" be accepted too?


No that is incorrect in English


I imagine this very clever family of engineers.

The first sister was a pioneer - she went in to mechanical engineering.

The second sister is a civil engineer.

The third is in construction.

The fourth sister is still studying and the fifth is our narrator.

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