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  5. "Dw i eisiau yfed lemonêd."

"Dw i eisiau yfed lemonêd."

Translation:I want to drink lemonade.

February 8, 2016



Dw i eisiau yfed lemonêd = I want to drink some lemonade or I want to drink a lemonade or I want to drink lemonade.

No difference between them in Welsh. If the question does not accept one or more of those then just report it as 'my answer should be accepted'.


Okay, I just wanted to be sure to not report something good - I think this beta period is full of reports anyway, no false reports needed :) thanks for your reply!


Why is the indefinite article wrong here? "I want to drink a lemonade" sounds right for me... And where does the"some" comes from?


It's sort of like an indefinite article for mass nouns (uncountable nouns) -- for example, "some salt" since you can't have "a salt" or "three salts".


Okay, for that part. But let's imagine a situation: we are in a pub, and you order your drink. Then the waiter asks me, and I reply "I want drink a lemonade." Here it is actually "a (glass / portion / barrel of) lemonade" and in casual situations I use it this way and I've heard it this way. But none of my friends in these situations were native English speakers... Were we wrong?

Yes, we could use "one lemonade" in that situation, but I never heard that...


"Hello, what would you like to order?"

"I would like two pints of bitter, a half of dry cider, one lemonade with ice and lemon, please, and one lemonade without ice. Oh, and one glass of dry white wine as well."


This is a different situation, where "one lemonade" is obvious. But as far as I see it, you know the ropes here, won't you buy me a drink? :)


Wel, croeso i chi gael cwrw 'da fi, wrth gwrs, ond yn anffodus does dim bar yma... Ond dyma lingot yn lle peint o chwerw!


Dw i eisiau yfed lemonêd hefyd :(


Is it "lemonêd" or "lemoned"? I've seen both in the excercises. Or is it a mutation? If so, when is it with "ê" and when with "e"?

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