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The app let me do a single lesson and then switched back to saying Cy/Welsh is unsupported.

Anyone need else have this happen?

February 8, 2016



The same thing happened to me with Ukrainian back when it wasn't supported by mobile. I was in a No Service area, and the Wi-Fi was poor, and I finished about 3 lessons of Ukrainian. Then, I went to an area with good service, and it stopped my lesson and said Ukrainian was unsupported. Then it erased the 3 lessons of progress that I did.


Courses that are in beta are not available on the app; when a course graduates out of beta, it's added to the app :) Hopefully this won't be long.

But in the meantime, use your device's native browser and go to the "full" website - it works exactly like the app :)

Hope you're enjoying the course.


The website hasn't worked on iOS for quite a while. It's rather annoying.


Usually courses are added to the app while they're still in Beta. Polish was quietly added to the app only a couple days after it had reached phase 2. I'm really not sure anymore what qualifies it for the app. In the past it seemed to be a couple of weeks or more after Phase 2 began after we had plenty of testing on the website, but after Polish, I'm not really sure anymore.


Yeah I usually get a message saying its not supported yet. However when I did my Welsh on the website and switched to the app for my German, Welsh was suddenly available! On long enough to for me to do one lesson then be told it's not supported. Must have just been a strange glitch.

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Russian and Ukrainian are still in Beta, but they are available on the app as well... So I don't understand sometimes, who says a language could be in the app... :) Polish went out of Beta, I mean: forward, quite fast...


It's always told me the course isn't available in the app but it does work perfectly well through a mobile browser. That said, I tend to only do timed practice on a computer rather than smartphone, as the shortcuts are much more efficient when using a real keyboard.

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If you have Apple stuff, update Duolingo, Welsh is available now also in the app :)

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Checked, same in Android :)

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