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Why Arabic should be priority :-)

I've seen a few discussions proposing development of Arabic in Duolingo. Just wanted to add a few reasons for consideration:

  1. Most of the language learning apps / software is quite basic. Flashcards, vocabulary, nothing much that is interactive or constructed around a good learning method.

  2. Arabic is a growing language in terms of learners.

I really think Duolingo would make a big impact to Arabic learning! Other thoughts?

January 16, 2013



I support the learning of Arabic on Duolingo in spite of the fact that it is complex and requires the knowledge of another alphabet. Although there are not as many native Arab speakers worldwide as Chinese, I feel that it is at least as important a language for Westerners to learn in view of recent world affairs. Learning a language always gives people an insight into the history and culture of the people who speak that language and so helps support communication in many subtle ways.


I support this! Plus:

  1. It is extremely important that the Arab World and the West understand each other. this is best achieved if as many people as possible learn Arabic with duolingo. There are enough resources for learning English out there, but not for Arabic.

  2. It's not just that it's a growing language in terms of learners, it's also that it's just a large language, with over 200 million native speakers.

  3. It's a UN language.


Choopah, agree that Arabic is complex. Maybe the trick is to target Duolingo to learners who already know the alphabet + phonetics. I say that because although there are many methods that teach alphabet / pronunciation well, they get very bad quickly as you advance. So I think they could make a successful app that teaches in Arabic script for people who already know how to read. I really hope they find a way!

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