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  5. "Rhaid i chi beidio ag yfed."

"Rhaid i chi beidio ag yfed."

Translation:You must not drink.

February 8, 2016



I am still not clear why 'rhaid i' etc is you must... but 'does dim rhaid i' is not you must not - apologies if the sentence wrong but basically not sure why its must in the positive statement but only have not to / need not to in negative and not must without the additional word I can't see on my phone now


Rhaid i means have to AND must, it's the same in english to, you are for example ordered to do something in both ways. But you must not means you are for example ordered not to do something and you don't have to means it's neither ordered nor forbidden, you can do what you want.


what is the ag for?


Peidio is always followed by an â and when â comes before a vowel then it becomes "ag" (an a without a curcumflex becomes ac)


I think its because its "have to" and "dont have to", not "must" and "must not". The first of those pairs are equivalent but the seconds are not.


What would 'You should not drink' be please? I thought it might also be accepted but no.


That needs a conditional 'you [should/ought to]:

  • Dylech chi beidio ag yfed. - You should [not drink/stop drinking].
  • Ddylech chi ddim yfed. - You should not drink.

That is covered later in the course.


I will look forward to that. Thanks.


Why not "You have to abstain from drinking"?


'must not' is simpler and much more common in everyday English. We do not aim to give every possible translation.

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