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(-Dİk) confusing somehow

Selam kardeşler,

I face some sentences like:

"Bana Avromu Dolarla nasıl bozdurabileceğimi öğretebilir misin?"

-ecek here; is it the future tense form of -Dİk? or is it a word such as "içecek, yiyecek" meaning "beverage, food".

Another confusing sentence: "öğle yemeği yedikten sonra kitap okudum" ye-dik-ten: it does not seem to be the -Dİk tense.

February 8, 2016



It's the future tense form of -dik, indeed.

"-dikten sonra" is a fixed expression. It never changes. Just learn it as it is. :)


About the -ecek question.

It can be a very confusing suffix. But the way it is used in your sentence is the simplest one, it is just future tense.

For example
Adam eve gidecek - the man is going to go home or the man will go home
O para bozduracak - he/she is going to exchange money or he/she will exchange money

Another way of using the -ecek / -acak suffix is to turn a verb into a noun (and sometimes an adjective)

That's how you get the words
icecek (beverage/drink) from the word icmek (to drink)
yiyecek (food) from the word yemek (to eat)
giyecek (clothing) from the word giymek (to wear)

so you can think of it as
icecek (beverage) something that will be eaten
giyecek (clothing) something that will be worn

of course this is probably not the way you're supposed to think of it, but it helps :-)


Thanks to you all, that was very helpful, kolay gelsin ;)

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