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"Sori, ond dw i am wrando ar hyn."

Translation:Sorry, but I want to listen to this.

February 8, 2016



Is am a verb? Can it be used like eisiau, eg. Dw i am chwarae rygbi? Is it a regional word?


Not really - one translation for am is for; in this context and in English, it's like saying "I'm [all] for watching this". Dw i am chwarae rygbi. with a full stop (or not a question mark) makes perfect sense.

Dw i am fynd nawr - I want to go now, for example


So, would it be more like saying "I am for going now."? Expressing that you are in favor of a particular action, right?


Hmm Am is a preposition and I believe that it still is here because it has caused a soft mutation on gwrando which a verb normally wouldn't do. I don't quite agree with it being translated as want because for me it gives more a feeling of "I am going to" but again I would say that is probably a way of saying it in welsh that can't be translated literally.


Ok, thanks. I've seen am as a preposition meaning "about/for", for example in SSiW we've learned "meddwl amdanat ti"/"galw amdana i" (though i think they say amdana fi), i didn't know it could also be used like this.


That's how this construction was taught in a class I attended. I was told it implied that "I am definitely going to do this and no one will stop me". In English I think we'd just do it with stress, so:

I'm sorry but I am going to list to this -- as opposed to

I'm sorry but I'm going to listen to this.


I translated this as 'sorry but I'm going to listen to this' as I couldn't see any evidence of 'wanting'


That is an acceptable way of translating this phrase, please report it if you come across it again.

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