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Students assignments not saving

I have watched students complete assignments to unlock the following lesson only to have the gold disappear two seconds later. Is there a way we can stop this from happening? It hurts their grades because it doesn't register that they have actually completed an assignment when they have. At first, I thought students were just lying but I have seen it multiple times with my own eyes and would like to award students correctly for the work they are doing.

Does it have something to do with being on certain wireless systems or Data plans? What about devices? Students that experience this often have multiple devices they use.

Please help!


February 8, 2016



Hello! I'll try to help you figure this out. Do you mean literally 2 seconds after the skill is completed the gold disappears? Devices and wireless systems should not matter, Duolingo syncs up and if it is letting you complete the lesson and make it golden, then the school network should not be blocking anything. Can you tell me a little more about the devices you have observed this on? Also, what courses and whether the student was doing a regular lesson or something different, like testing out of a checkpoint or refreshing a skill? Thank you!


Thanks so much for responding. Yes it is pretty much right afterwards. I think it may be when they are testing out of certain skill sets. They go back and forth from Iphone and Ipad but mostly on the Ipad. It has never happened to me when I do my personal duolingo so I can not understand why it is happening.



Ok, I narrowed it down. Apparently it is when they have went through each lesson and learned them. They have tried to test out after that however it says they never completed the lesson to begin with so it will not allow them. The student can currently not move on to this week's assignment because it is below that lesson on their tree. Please help.


Hi jrwoodrow! Can you please send the specific student's username to teachers@duolingo.com (and copy what you have said here)? We can look into that particular student's case and try to replicate on our end. I do recommend the student tries unlocking the skill using a desktop computer and see if that works (that has worked for some people in the past).


[edited by Duolingo staff - please don't share student details in the forum]



Several of my students are having similar problems. It happens with the app or on the computer. They finish an assignment, but are still not able to go on. The completion of their assignment does not show up as being completed on their device or mine as a teacher. Did you find a solution to this problem?


Hey there, I have given them information about the student(s) it pertains to but I have not heard anything back yet.... Please let me know if you figure anything out!

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