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"Dillad Ysgol"

Translation:School clothes

February 8, 2016



What is the difference between dillad ysgol and gwisg ysgol? Both translate on DuoLingo as school clothes.


For me gwisg ysgol is more uniform whereas dillad ysgol is more school clothes but since they mean the same thing it doesn't really make a difference.


It is different, because not all schools require uniforms. The clothes you wear to a school that does not require uniforms can still be called school clothes.


That's a good way of looking at it.


dillad ysgol is prob more for a US benefit - as gwisg ysgol is what we used in school (School wear)- as all schools in Wales wear uniform therefore school 'clothes' always means uniform.... but I know in the US they wear what we call 'own clothes' lol to school... so you may have set 'school clothes' as opposed to 'home clothes...


So which one represents uniform? Gwisg?


Gwisg ysgol=school uniform. Gwisg=costume/uniform.
Dillad ysgol=school clothes. Dillad=clothes.

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