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Class Progress Reports

Every Monday I receive reports for each class indicating what each student accomplished. I didn't get those this morning. Why? I know some of my students used Duolingo this past week.

February 8, 2016



Hi there! We are currently experiencing issues with the system that (among other things) sends the weekly progress emails. We are working on fixing this and I will post here when we're starting to send out emails. Sorry for the inconvenience!

For a quick fix, you could visit your dashboard at schools.duolingo.com, go to the "Students" tab, click "More details", then "Activity details" and then filter the activity details table by "past week". activity details filtered by last week


We have restarted the email sending process! You should be receiving your progress email in the next hours - if you haven't received it by tonight, don't hesitate to let me know so we can see if anything else went wrong. Sorry again for the delay! Have a great week!


I didnt recieve the report today


I didn't get my weekly report today. Where do I need to go to report this?

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