"Великий факультет"

Translation:A large faculty

February 8, 2016


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I suspect in American English at least "faculty" is a poor translation here. I suspect this Ukrainian phrase means "a large academic department" (e.g. a biology department with many professors; in American English an academic department has a faculty: the professors and other instructional staff who are a part of it). Am I on the right track?

And if I am, how would one translate the American English meaning of "faculty" (the group of professors, lecturers, etc. of a college or university or teachers of a school) into Ukrainian?

January 8, 2018


You are right. Faculty does not translate as факультет. They just do not know it


A "great" faculty was marked wrong, despite being one of the possible translations in the drop-down menu. Should this be reported or does it sometimes mean great, but just not here? Thanks.


Hints list all translations of a word used in the course. Not all translations are interchangeable. The best translation is always at the top of the list.


Ok, thanks, but that doesn't answer my question about whether Великий can be translated as great in this context. How do you say "great" in Ukrainian? Thank you.


Right you are, "great", "big", "large" are all translated to "великий" in Ukrainian. But the meanings are still not equal, so that a native Ukrainian can surely tell the difference when does it mean "great", and when "big/large". And I can hardly imagine the situation when "великий факультет" should be translated as "great university department". It's not common, not colloquial. Usually it's just big.


Shouldn't Duolingo accept "A large department"? I've reported it.


Just in case anyone's interested, the Ukrainian "факультет," the German "Fakultät," the French "faculté," the Spanish "facultad," and the English "faculty" are all related.


Thank you. That was an interesting information you found. That is true, they all have the same root but in English faculty, at list in the US, means those who teach at the university. While Ukrainian факультет means a university department. For example, Department of Mathematics will be Факультет Математики. I had an honor to be a part of one, in the US, and on my badge I had the word "faculty" under my name while my friend, a secretary, had on her badge "staff" on the same place.


In British English a faculty is a grouping of departments. EG the physics department and the chemistry department are both part of the natural sciences faculty.

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