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Tips & Notes won't show up??

So, I know when you start learning a new language on here and you press one of the lessons, it's supposed to show you Tips & Notes, which includes Grammar and pronunciation help and such. My sister has an account, and when she presses hers, all of the Tips & Notes show up. However, when I press mine, nothing shows up. I tried to start learning Polish, but no notes are tips or help or anything shows up at the bottom of the page when I press "Basics 1." How come it works on other people's accounts, but not on mine??

February 8, 2016



I don't know for sure. Perhaps you are part of an A/B test where the Duolingo staff disable certain features and collect data on learning effectivness? I, for example, don't have a vocabulary section, even for Spanish.


Are you learning on a computer or phone? There are currently no Tips&Notes in the iOS app (I presume Android is the same). Otherwise, I don't know why you wouldn't be able to see them. I sure hope Duolingo is not running an A/B test to remove the helpful notes the course creators have so carefully written for us!

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