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New Assignments Update (improvements)

Happy February! We hope you have been enjoying the new Assignments feature. So far it has been a great success and we have received tons of feedback telling us what people like and what people would like.

This week, you will notice some goodies... Ready? Here goes:

You could already pick a due date… but now you can also select a due time for your assignments. We know you all have different class times and that midnight deadlines do not work for everyone.

due time screenshot

Your students will now get automatic email notifications if you change the due date or delete an assignment.

assignment change notification screenshot

You asked for it: there's now a way to assign a skill from the curriculum overview page.

assign from curriculum screenshot

You can view detailed activity information for a student/assignment.

assignment details screenshot

You can archive assignments to avoid clutter.

assignment zen screenshot

So, what do you think? Thanks for all your input, we really appreciate it! We are of course working as hard as we can on even more improvements suggested by you, so there is more to come. So stay tuned and thank you for your patience.

In other news: We fixed a bug that was displaying mature vocabulary to some of those who had it disabled. Should be working fine now, but if it happens again, please submit a screenshot. We are also testing a fix to the offline “cheating” issue, and will keep you posted!

We hope you’ll keep us posted too. :]

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February 8, 2016



I have had to add in new students after I posted an assignment. I still want them to do it. How can I add the assignment to them? I can still see their progress through other ways, but it would be nice if the assignment just covered everybody in the class rather than just the people who were in the class at that moment in time.


We are working on adding the option to include newcomers in preexisting assignments!


I agree. I had a similar issue with a student and I had to create an entirely NEW class just for her so that I could track her work.


This is now possible! :D :D :D


I LOVE these new improvements! One thing that could make this better is if the kids had a way to see the assignments (and their progress) within the program itself, instead of me having to open up my teacher page to check it for them when they ask. I also keep asking for an easy way to see each student's level....which seems to have been largely ignored (which, I know, has nothing to do with assignments). KUDOS, though, on the improvements to the assignments feature!!! I also LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that you moved the classroom dashboard to the top of the page! It's sometimes the little things that make me the happiest!


Oh NOO!!! The Dashboard seems to have been moved back to the bottom of the page. I was SO glad that it was moved to the top so that I didn't have to scroll all the way down when my students asked questions about their progress. :(


Is there a way that students can see the assignments in the app without relying on only the email that gets sent out? It would be a helpful tab to include so that students could easily see the assignments in one place in the Duolingo app.


Not yet, for now they have to rely on email and being reminded in class. (we are aware that this is something everybody would like)


GREAT! I look forward to hopefully seeing that feature in the (near) future.


Having something posted within the students' accounts is absolutely necessary because our students do not have the capability of receiving emails outside of our Google Apps domain.


This is absolutely essential. This whole email thing is ridiculous. They go into Duolingo on their phone and it doesn't show an assignment. This was posted a year ago. C'mon Duolingo


I assigned something and a student did the 20 points. However, it doesn't show up on my assignment page. How does she "submit" an assignment?


Is it possible that she did points before you assigned them, or in another language, or used Immersion? In that case, the points will not count. She does not need to submit the assignment.


I think maybe she was halfway through her work and then I added the assignment. I can see she has partial points - I think the display was delayed.

However, I'm not sure how students can see an assignment. Do they have to log into a Duolingo school account to see assignments? Many made a profile and then shared it with me. Can they see the assignments on the app?

Also, how can they see the XP points? I think if they go to their profile they can see them, but I wish it was at the top of the screen. They aren't sure when to stop working and actually went past the number of points I assigned.


I'm so glad that they're working outside of class that I'm giving them extra credit for going past the points I assign. If you're interested, I'd be glad to share how I'm trying to manage this (it's a work in progress since this whole assignment page is new). It's all outside of Duolingo with good old pen and paper, but I think it's worth it. I now have some Spanish 1 students who are working on the same lessons as some of my Spanish 2 students! I think that's terrific! :)


Yes! It sounds great.


I'd like to know how you're using pen and paper too! Sounds interesting!


I'd be glad to share the files I made with you (or anyone who wants them). I just can't seem to make that happen here! Where and/or how is the best way to do that??


Great! Send them to teachers@duolingo.com and reference this conversation and I can take a look to see how to adapt it for sharing. :]


Hello, I am very interested in knowing how this went and if I could have a copy of the files! Thank you


@VIVISAURUS: I just sent a copy of these files to your attention. Hopefully they can help someone else!


I just read how many people are having the same issue. Many of my students are having difficulty keeping track of how many xp they have completed in an assignment. Where should they be able to see that? They don't have email addresses due to school policy. Has this been updated yet?


Until recently it was only email, then we finally got information on the student home page on the website. So this is visible on the website, they should be able to visit it (even on their phones) and look at their progress on the sidebar. I hope this helps!


Hello vivisaurus! I'm really excited about DL in general and especially about the classroom features. :) It would be nice if I could make specific assignments for some specific students, who joined later a classroom or who have less knowledge of the corresponding language. For now, I can only manage the assignments for the entire classroom, not individually for a specific student. Maybe, in some future release, DL can take this idea into account. Thanks and keep up the good job you are already doing!


My students are still having trouble accessing this information and tracking their progress. Anyone else in the same boat?


It would be great if pupils could gain access to just one topic on the tree without having to complete all prior topics. For example, my Year 9 class are currently learning countries in French, but in order to access the content on Duolingo they must complete all previous lessons.


Hi! We explain why this happens in the help page -- and we know some teachers feel this way and would like more control.


How do students see the assignment? And how do students see their progress on the assignment?


Right now the only way to do it is in their email. Read more about it above and in the help section.


Is there (or could there be) a way to give different assignments to different students within a single class?


For the moment I couldn't manage this different/independent assignment for students within a single class. I suggested this idea 3 weeks ago and hopefully the DL team will have this in mind for future releases. It would be nice to have this possibility. :)


Is there any way to assign a skill to students that they have not yet reached? For example, can I assign "clothing" to the class if they have not yet done "animals"??


I inquired about this a few years ago with Duolingo, and they said that because their progression is research-based, there is no way to override this, and therefore students must progress through the lower-level items before they can access other items. I don't know if this has changed since then, though, but it doesn't seem to have on my end. :-/


How can students track their individual progress toward a goal? Every time I assign my students an XP goal, they have to ask me how many points they need until they reach their goal because it doesn't seem to be clearly displayed on their dashboard. This becomes incredibly difficult for me to manage, as students must come to me to ask their progress toward a goal sometimes multiple times a day. Is there a way for them to access this information on their own? Thanks!


What time zone is the due date based upon? Can I change that?

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