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  5. "We need a big parking space."

"We need a big parking space."

Translation:Mae eisiau lle parcio mawr arnon ni.

February 8, 2016



'Dyn ni angen lle parcio mawr' should be accepted (without the 'n, though) or 'Mae angen/eisiau lle parcio mawr arnon ni', to be a bit more formal.


That's what I thought. The sentences accepted as correct do seem a bit arbitrary at times.


Why isn't "dyn ni'n angen lle parcio mawr" considered an acceptable answer?


With eisiau/angen there is no yn after the verb. It is an exceptional construction with these two nouns when used is this way:

  • Dw i eisiau car newydd (I want/need a new car)

  • Dw i angen car newydd (I need a new car)

[You will occasionally see a construction which explains this:

  • Dw i ag eisiau lifft - (literally 'I am with a need/want of a lift')

  • Mae e ag angen arian - (he is with a need for money)

and all that has happened is that the expressions are so common that the รข/ag has been dropped in from common colloquial usage (and so Duo is unlikely accept the construction with ag).]


  • Dw i'n moyn car newydd (I want a new car) - 'n/yn is required in the usual way because moyn/mofyn/ymofyn is a verb-noun (wanting/to want).


So, if I understand you correctly, "dyn ni eisiau llr parcio mawr" should be correct?


(typo? lle not llr) Yes, although Duo may prefer angen to eisiau in this context.

Or it may be that Duo wants you to use the alternative construction Mae angen/eisiau lle parcio mawr arnon ni - that is a little more formal, but both constructions can come up in the colloquial language.


Yes, that was a typo. Thanks for your answer :-)

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