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"Baban çalışırken sen neden oturuyorsun?"

Translation:Why are you sitting while your father is working?

February 8, 2016



"While your father is working why are you sitting?" What is wrong with this translation?


Long time, but I was irritated at first. Surely, the meaning is the same - but for understanding the grammar I understand why it is seen as wrong: "baban çalışırken" means "while [your father is] working " oturuyorsun". you are sitting so: While your father is working, you are sitting.

Surely, from the pure translated meaning, obviously you are also sitting while your father is working - but grammatically the sentences clearly says that you are sitting while your father is working, not that your father is working while you are sitting.

Understood? :)


I have the same question as the original poster (mrkovacs), and I believe you misunderstood it. The question is: as long as we mark "your father is working" as the while-clause, can't we put that in any order with the "why are you sitting" main-clause? [It is not a question about which clause is the while-clause.]

In Turkish, the while-clause is always placed first, followed by -ken marking it, followed by the main-clause (clauses bracketed):
[Baban çalışır]-ken [sen neden oturuyorsun]?

But in English, either clause can come first, without changing the meaning, as long as the "while" stays at the front of the while-clause marking it:
[Why are you sitting] while-[your father is working]?
While-[your father is working] [why are you sitting]?

But "Why are you sitting while your father is working?" is an accepted answer, and "While your father is working, why are you sitting?" is rejected. I reported this as a missing alternative answer.


"why is your father working while you are sitting?" apparently means something else. That is why it is wrong....


Does the use of the aorist dense before 'ken' imply that this happens regularly?

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