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"Dw i'n meddwl mod i'n mewnblyg."

Translation:I think I am introvert.

February 8, 2016



Why doesn't mewnblyg mutate to fewnblyg here?


It should, and I think Duo will accept both answers :)


Thanks. I wasn't sure if maybe this is one of those words that resists mutation, like braf.


Nope, you are correct - it does mutate :) Hopefully mutations will be tacked a lot better in v2.0 :)


As an aside "braf" comes from the English "brave"; I've never quite gotten my head around the connection between something brave and something nice :P GPC on-line also notes that it doesn't mutate except for some specific areas in South Wales; I've never heard anyone say "Dwi'n fraf, diolch"! Ha.


As well as meaning "courageous, "brave" often had the meaning of "fine, splendid" in older English, e.g. Shakespeare's "brave new world". This meaning, which was imported into Welsh, is still found in some expressions in modern English. It is also quite a common meaning in modern French. As well as in the Scottish "braw". The dictionaries say this word came into French from old Spanish or Italian. I don't know when and where the extra meaning of "fine, excellent, etc." developed. It certainly originally meant "wild" (hence "courageous") from Latin "barbarus".


The English "bravo" comes from the Italian "bravo" which means "well-done". It's also used the same way in French. :D


A minor niggle, but why 'I am introvert' - surely either 'I am an introvert' or 'I am intoverted' should be acceptable?


I agree entirely. I would say that "introvert" is normally used a a noun and not as an adjective.


i got this wrong by choosing introverted from the words down the bottom. i think i'm introvert really does not sound like good english.


I have reported it - "I'm introvert" is not correct English, "I'm introverted", or "I'm an introvert" should be the correct solutions.

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