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  5. "They like Welsh."

"They like Welsh."

Translation:Maen nhw'n hoffi'r Gymraeg.

February 8, 2016



Why is it "Maen nhw'n licio Cymraeg" but "Maen nhw'n hoffi'r Gymraeg" - where does the definite article come from?


Cymraeg and y Gymraeg are really interchangeable :) No real difference but y will cause a soft mutation. It could read Maen nhw'n licio'r Gymraeg/Maen nhw'n hoffi'r Gymraeg/Mae nhw'n licio Cymraeg/Maen nhw'n hoffi Cymraeg



Is Cymraeg a feminine noun that does consonant mutation in the definite? I've seen "y ferch" and I wonder if Cymraeg is also subject to that kind of mutation as well.

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