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  5. "Ты хочешь жить в Польше?"

"Ты хочешь жить в Польше?"

Translation:Do you want to live in Poland?

February 8, 2016



Tak, ja chcę!


Wow, how much can the internet rot one's brain... I wrote "Do u want to live in Poland" (yes, u instead of you lol)


That's ok- I almost wrote "Do you want to DRINK in Poland"-shows where my brain is right now!

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'You want to live in Poland?' Should be right. It could be a question of incredulity.


Duolingo doesn't pay attention to punctuation, so the site read that as a statement instead of a question


I had to look up the translation for "Poland" = Польша before I figured out that польше was a regular prepositional case noun, not an adverb or predicate adjective.

That added several minutes to my study time. It's really too bad Duo doesn't show the transition in case, as it could by including both nominative and other cases for the same word in one exercise, e.g., Это Польша. Ты хочешь жить в Польше?


Я не хочу :( but I live here a bit


Никто не хочет товарищ


Why does it sound like Польша? Is that яканье?

[deactivated user]

    «Ш» is always hard, so it's reduced differently compared to most instances of «е». I don't have references with me, but I think both reductions to [̩ʂɨ] and to [ʂə] are acceptable in standard Russian (at least шоколад can be pronounced both [ʂɨkɐ'lat] and [ʂɐkɐ'lat]).


    I hear /poʎʃɛ/. Is something wrong with my hearing?


    You always have to take the audio here with a pinch of salt anyway

    [deactivated user]

      I'm not a phonetician, so I can't answer your question.


      No, wiadomo że chcę, a gdzie indziej. :P For those of y'all that don't speak Polish (since this is a page of polyglots, prolly not many of you, no can mean yea in pl)


      Concerning intonation: That didn't sound like a question at all. And since there is no syntactical difference between question and statement that would be very important.


      It's run by incompetent racists but I guess it's my home so I have to.

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