"It's snowing this morning."

Translation:Mae hi'n bwrw eira y bore 'ma.

February 8, 2016

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Multiple choice. Both "Mae hi'n bwrw eira'r bore 'ma" and "Mae hi'n bwrw eira y bore 'ma" were considered correct.

Why is the second one correct? Isn't it a rule that "'r" should be used if the word before it ends in an vowel?


I believe it is because the "y" is part of a phrase which is used to express "This" (informally this phrase is "Y__ 'ma/yma") in welsh so it could remain "y" even after a vowel to keep the phrase clear.


That's reasonable. Thank you!

[deactivated user]

    It said yma was a typo and I should have used 'ma. The lesson didn't say that.


    Why is mae hi'n bwrw eira bore yma one of the correct multiple choice answers? Thought it always needed a y or 'r


    Not necessarily, at least in the colloquial registers of the language

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