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  5. "Are you a girl?"

"Are you a girl?"

Translation:Hogan dach chi?

February 8, 2016



Have now checked dictionary and 'geneth' appears to be another word for girl, but has not been mentioned at any point during all the exercises.


I just came across "geneth" for the first time to, in a practice session rather than a skill session. That seems... questionable that I'm being introduced to words as "practice". I only expect new words while working on an active (not completed) skill.


Me too. Grammatically it was the only option that made sense so I got it right, but it shouldn't be introducing new words in the practice revision, should it..?


I agree, a bit sneaky that one.


Where did Geneth come from?!?! Never had that come up before, yet up it pops in a practice session. Please stop doing this (adding new words in outside of lessons!) Also please make the lesson notes availble on tablets.


Please make those points to Duolingo on the non-language-specific forums. The course teams cannot change how the system works - we have been asking for the current notes to be available through the app for ages.


I don't understand what people are complaining about. I see this same complaint over and over again. If you learned a new word that you haven't seen before, then you just got one word better in Welsh. What's the bid deal?! I think we can all do without the whinning....


Totally agree. I'll never forgot Geneth now! This program is amazing and can also be free if you choose! I think everyone moderating this does a fantastic job.


What part of Wales uses geneth


Geneth is common in many parts of mid- and north Wales, and especially in north-east Wales.


Is 'Hogan ydy ti' not correct?


ydy is the verb form for "he, she, it" -- not for "you".


"Ydy" Is Third Person, For The Second Person Informal ('Ti') Form, You'd Use "Wyt".


I haven't had geneth before either!


At This Point I Don't Even Know Anymore...

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