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"I made dolma, would you like to eat?"

Translation:Dolma yaptım, yer misin?

February 9, 2016



What about:

Dolma yaptım, yemek istiyor musun?


It's correct, but too direct. "Do you want to eat it?" Almost as if you don't actually want the other person to eat it. Or you couldn't care less if they ate it or not.

It's the -iyor that makes it too direct. Go with the aorist and it's totally fine: yemek ister misin?


Okay. I see. Babbel.com used the aorist a lot for ordering in a restaurant, as a sort of request-future: "Dolmayi yerim." I'll have the dolma. I didn't think of it in that context.


You explain so well and so beautifully.

Its a pleasure to read your replies and explanations.


Just look at other choices :D


Şunu diyecek bi kız bulamadık...

[deactivated user]

    Of course I eat :)

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