Are there Tips and Notes for the Dutch for English speakers tree?

I have heard that some of the other languages have Tips and Notes sections, but I haven't seen them in the Dutch lessons.

2 years ago

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Yes, there are. Not for all lessons, but most of the grammar lessons have them. Go to one of the skills and scroll down.

They are not available on the mobile apps, unfortunately. Only on the website.

2 years ago

I thought that maybe I had not gotten to the lessons with tips and notes yet. I have finished Plurals, Possessives and Basic Adjectives, and I have unlocked the lessons on Formal and Present. None of the skills has an Tips or Notes.

I am disappointed that I haven't seen any outlines of simple grammar yet. I am able to complete the lessons, but it would be nice to have some reference material to go with it.

I am using the website, not the app.

2 years ago
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