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"The person is both good and bad."

Translation:Die Person ist sowohl gut als auch schlecht.

January 16, 2013



Would Die Person ist beide gut und schlecht also work here?


I am not a native speaker, but I do not believe you can say that. "...sowolhl....als auch..." is a fixed expression that is used to say "...both...and...". Beide...und... would be considered wrong.


Hohenems is right. You could use a construction like 'Die Person ist beides (zugleich): Gut und schlecht', though. But that's a bit jerky. I recommend to stick to duo's sentence.


Could you also use Der Mensch here instead of Die Person? (Some websites suggest that Der Mensch has a meaning closer to 'humankind' than to 'the person'.)


"The Person" refers to an individuum. However if all people are meant, you are right: "People are good and bad."


What about "Man" as "Man ist sowohl gut als auch schlecht"


I don't think that is specific enough. That would translate to "one" or "people" or "they". The English sentence is referring to a particular person. Imagine talking to wataya and you're pointing at me (but you didn't know my name). You wouldn't say "Man ist sowohl....", you would want to be more specific.


I wrote: sowohl gut und schlecht. DL marked it as correct, but which one is more frequently used?


I only ever heard "sowohl gut als auch schlecht". The "und" sounds really weird to me in this sentence, you'd have to say "gut und schlecht zugleich" then. (native)


why isn't it correct to use the word order "Sowohl ist die Person gut als auch schlecht"

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