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"Vull presentar-te la meva mare."

Traducción:Quiero presentarte a mi madre.

February 9, 2016

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I thought this meant ‘I want to introduce my mother to you’...


Your translation is right! :)


Isn’t it the other way around? .-.


Both sentences end up being the same in Spanish because:

1) The pronoun "te" (oblique form of "tú", you) is the same for direct objects (the person being introduced) and indirect objects (the person to whom you introduce someone). Thus "te presento..." may be either "I introduce you to ..." or "I introduce ... to you".

2) The SPANISH particle "a" (which is usually used for indirect objects, roughly equivalent to English "to") is also used for direct objects if they are people. It's a rather weird thing (animacy distinctions in a Romance language!?) and I bet most native Spanish-speakers don't even notice it but still do it subconsciously. Thus "a mi madre" will work both if "my mother" is the direct object (I introduce my mother to you) or the indirect object (I introduce you to my mother).

I believe this is NOT the case in Catalan, though, because that "personal A" isn't used (you would only apply "a" to indirect objects). Thus, I think that the sentence «Vull presentar-te la meva mare» can only mean "I want to introduce my mother to you" (because you'd need the "a" particle if "la meva mare" was an indirect object).

If I got it right, "I want to introduce you to my mother" would rather be «Vull presentar-te A la meva mare.»

(Not a native Catalan speaker; please correct me if I'm wrong with the last part)

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