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"Where is the motorbike? Is it in the garage?"

Translation:Ble mae'r beic modur? Ydy e yn y garej?

February 9, 2016



Is it normal to refer to machines as "he" in Welsh?

Edit: Why have "e" and "yn" not been contracted here?


I assume that the "e" is refering to the "Beic modur" which would suggest that it is a masculine noun. Also "e" and "yn" should definitely be contracted here.


That's the trouble with most languages, you usually have to learn masculine, feminine and neuter word by word, even the most broad of guidelines are of little help.


Well in terms of guides there are a few ending that are pretty consistent.
Also most nouns are masculine so if in doubt assume masculine.


Thanks for pointing that out.


...Why aren't e and yn contracted here? Also, wouldn't it be also correct to say "Ydy e'n mewn" or have I just not been taught that?


The yn is not contracted because this is not the yn that connects a subject to a predicate (a verb, or a noun or adjective used predicatively); it's the yn that means "in" -- a different word that does not contract, though it is spelled the same.

yn mewn makes little sense, from what I understand; mewn is used for "in" with an indefinite noun (e.g. "in a shop") while yn is used for "in" with a definite noun (e.g. "in the shop").

And mewn isn't connected with the predicate-connecting yn, either.

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