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Turkish Immersion doesn't exist?

I was really looking forward to attempting real documents when I completed the tree. I don't care about lingots, leveling up, streaks or any of the other game claptrap. All I wanted was to join the translation bot army----and it turns out that there isn't one for Turkish? cidden mi?

February 9, 2016



Immersion doesn't exist for the more recent languages. :(


I can try it in French, I just really wanted the challenge of real sentences in a newly-learned language. Or, I guess, the other way is to sign up as a Turk who is learning English, select immersion, and translate English docs into Turkish. But that's not how translation is best done. :-( I still need lots and lots of Tk sentences to absorb before I can really compose my own.


Quoting Deliciae

As much as I'd love to have it here, Norwegian will likely never have an Immersion section.

Duolingo staff has stated that Immersion takes too much resources compared to the relatively low increase in user engagement that it provides, and that they have no commitment to rolling it out for the new language courses. Source.

Keep in mind that the vast majority of users are app users, who have no idea Immersion even exists.


Hi--I was in the Turkish Language and Culture Program at Bogazici University in Istanbul for two summers as well as the Tomer Language program in Ankara. I'm doing Duolingo because I'm starting to get rusty and I make lots of little errors that I need to work on but I lived in Turkey for 2.5 years in the SE. I recommend checking out the Tomer Language learning site for immersion opportunities and also maybe starting on translating things like the poetry of Orhan Veli Kanik. Orhan Veli was a modernist poet in the '60s and '70s whose poetry is deceptively simple in language but profound in meaning. In particular he wrote a poem that starts, "Istanbulu dinliyorum, gozlerim kapali..." that everyone knows. Then you can check your translation against other published translations into English. He was recommended to us by our TAs at Bogazici. Also, this sounds crazy but the Turkish Airlines flight magazine--the FLIGHT MAGAZINE!--is a great practice and translation text. Its articles are short, they always deal with local topics of interest and best of all they're published in dual English-Turkish texts that are side-by-side. Nowadays you can access the magazine on-line so you don't have to ask friends to grab it for you when they take trips or when you fly yourself. You can find it on their web site. Good luck! --Sue Ann


Okay, I'll check it out.


Interestingly, on this article here some people seem to have found a little bit of a work around for the Norwegian course !

Does anyone know more about how this is done, etc ?


This discussion explains it. And I know it works for Russian, because I've done it. :-)


Someone tried it for Turkish, https://www.duolingo.com/comment/8559382 but it seems not to have caught on. That's the other big barrier, I guess.

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