Gotten over the initial hurdle!!!

When I first started learning Russian, I found it very hard, much harder than the other languages I've learned (German, Spanish, a bit of Portuguese). Initially I had trouble getting through some of the lessons, and a lot of stuff I found confusing and didn't make sense to me.

I am really excited though because I finally have gotten to the point where I'm able to work through the practices and lessons at a reasonable pace. I feel like over the past few weeks I've noticed a dramatic improvement in my ability to correctly spell words based on hearing them, and also sound words out loud properly from reading them, and a lot of the sounds like the hard and soft consonants, that I was having trouble hearing initially, have started sounding more distinct to me, and also easier to pronounce. The logic of the language, which is very different from English in certain ways, is also starting to make much more sense to me. I'm starting to see patterns in word endings, and various grammatical constructions that differ from English.

I want to offer this as encouragement to others. In my case, I found that doing work until I got stuck, and then taking time away for a few days to a couple weeks, and then coming back, really worked wonders.

February 9, 2016


I keep doing it every day and eventually absorb it by making lots and lots of mistakes. Sometimes I surprise myself by looking at a word and actually knowing what it means without scrolling over. :)

February 9, 2016

My wife started learn Spanish and said that Spanish mush easier to learn than English for us, who speaks Russian/Ukrainian (and there are a lot of funny words, so maybe I'll start it too :)) ). I mean, it can be true and vise versa, in both directions. And I think language can't be just "dead knowledge", you need to use it to make it alive inside you. For me, in some cases it looks like I use some words/phrases that I read or heard somewhere and I even do not know correct translation, but I remember/feel circumstances where it can be used.

Рад что у вас получается.

P.S. e.g. I still do not know why I wrote "it can be used" and not "it can be use" (just too much different tenses :) ), but think first is correct.

February 10, 2016

Hey! I feel just like you! I started in December and try to do 2 - 3 lessons each day. The first weeks were pretty hard: unknown letters, weird pronounciation, confusion all over the place. But I am now feeling that I understand much more than at the beginning. I can read most letters confidently and my vocabulary keeps expanding - although slowly. ;)

Keep it up!

February 15, 2016
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