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"five o'clock"

Translation:пять часов

2 years ago


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Why is пять час incorrect?

2 years ago

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because you change cases after number

2 years ago


does пять часов mean five hours too? like in "I will study for five hours".....why is five o'clock not в пять часов?

2 years ago

[deactivated user]

    I think 'five hours' shuld be accepted too.

    When you want to say 'at five o'clock', to tell the time when an action happened, you'd say «в пять часов». But it's not the only possible context. If you want to say 'Five o'clock is not too late', you'd use it without a preposition: «Пять часо́в — э́то не о́чень по́здно».

    Obviously, it can mean 'five hours' too. After all, 'five o'clock' means that 'five hours' have passed since noon/midnight, so these meanings are obviously connected.

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    This whole section is pointless without an explanation as to how the cases change

    1 year ago


    Yay! Thank you Duolingo! I've been confused about how to express numbers and time in Russian all my life! (My parents were immigrants, and I spoke some Russian at home, but switched to English before a lot of basics were cemented in my head)
    It's a strange system, changing cases for 1, 2 through 4 and then everything five to 20, and then depending on the last number... BUT it's consistent, at least, and I finally get it. And it's all to you, little green owl, and your friends. : )

    2 months ago