"Lubię mój pokój, zwłaszcza moje łóżko."

Translation:I like my room, especially my bed.

February 9, 2016

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I accidentally confused "łóżko" with "łyżka"...


Why is this Nominative?


It's not Nominative. Masculine inanimate nouns usually don't change form in Accusative. Neuter nouns don't change form either.


Thanks, that's what I thought. The hints for mój and moje say Nominative which was confusing.


Is there a difference between using zwlaszcza and szczegolnie? Would it make sense to also say 'lubie moj pokoj, szczegolnie moja lozko'?


From what I could learn so far, the polish language relies heavily on the context rather than explicitly stating things. So, in this case, as the person mentions their bed, we can assume that pokój here is not just an ordinary/generic room, but rather a bedroom?


Maybe it's a cultural thing, maybe it depends on the living conditions? I'd never call my room "sypialnia" (bedroom), although my bed is there and I sleep there. But my desk and my computer are also there, so to me it's simply "mój pokój".

I'd only call "sypialnia" a room in which one spends almost no time during the day and goes there mostly to sleep.


Looks like it is more cultural then, because I do call my bedroom, a bedroom, even if I spend a big portion of the day here (home office during this crisis).


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