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"Его отец учится делать торт с какао и апельсинами."

Translation:His father is learning to make a cake with cocoa and oranges.

February 9, 2016



First time seeing апельсинами so my instant reaction was "'cocoa and apple-cinnamon' are weird ingredients."


The word probably comes from Dutch or German. Appelsien is an old Dutch word for orange (now: sinaasappel). It means apple from China.


In the 16th century both words were used. Yes, in the Netherlands most people now say "sinaasappel" (China's apple), but in Belgium most people use "appelsien" (apple from China). The latter was exported together with the fruit to Germany, Scandinavia and Russia.


I have a weakness for these digressions. I guess Russian pretty much only uses Китай as the basis for China words, including the Sino-, etc. (e.g. Китайский русский). But in addition to our main China (Sino, etc) word family we do have that old word "Cathay" from the same Turkic root as Китай, actually originally referring to a Mongolian/Turkic people just north of China, on the "barbarian" side of the great wall. Now, get back to your homework!


I can never unsee this now...


Am I the only one that thinks oranges don't belong on cake with cocoa?


Probably. Orange and chocolate is a rather common combination, and a lot of chocolate cakes are made with cocoa rather than baking chocolate.


Does торт really mean cake? All my dictionaries only say "tart". That's quite a difference. Shouldn't "cake" be пиро́г?


Duo accepted "His father is teaching himself how to make a cake with cocoa and oranges"


That sounds not so great


In English, make cake is equivalent to make a cake. "I am going to make a cake today" can also be stated as "I am going to make cake today."


Cocoa=chocolate, yet duo seems to disagree. Reported.


a) this sounds disgusting because it says cocoa, not chocolate, so I picture Hershey's Cocoa Powder with Clem n' Tina's orange slices in a cake. b) why isn't cocoa in the instrumental? Is it because there are two objects, so only the last one is instrumental?


"Какао" is indeclinable, which means it has the same form in all cases. So it is in the instrumental, but you can't see it.

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