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What is the difference between "o"and "wrth"?

It's also a big problem for me

February 9, 2016



Both have a number of meanings and uses...! In the course so far you may have met examples such as:

  • Dw i'n dod o Gymru - I come from Wales

  • Mae gen i lawer o arian - I have a lot of money

  • Mae e'n un o'r tîm - He is one of the team

  • Mae'r ystafell fwyta'n rhan o'r tŷ - The dining room is part of the house

  • Mae hi'n saith o'r gloch - It is 7 o'clock

  • Dw i wedi dweud wrth fy mam amdano fe - I have told (to) my mother about him (the 'to' in this sense is not actually used in the English sentence - 'dweud wrth rywun' = 'telling someone')

  • Ro'n i'n sefyll wrth y drws - I was standing by/near/at the door

  • Roedd e wrth ei fodd yn chwarae rygbi - He used to really enjoy playing rugby ('wrth' as part of an idiom)

  • Wrth gwrs! - Of course! (Hmm... Perhaps best to think of this as an idiom, rather than as 'wrth' on its own actually meaning 'of')

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