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  5. "Мой папа — из России."

"Мой папа из России."

Translation:My father is from Russia.

February 9, 2016



All our lessons so far have accepted Papa as a word that means Father.


there is some difference:

(soft) papa / папа - dad

(strong, formal) otec or otets / отец - father


Simlar to the polish Tata for dad or papa and Oicec for father


Yeah, they didn't accept it at first but got several complaints and decided to change it. This one probably just got missed, report it.


Still not fixed as of 24 Mar 2020. Strongly agree that this is inconsistent with prior scenarios.


So far not fixed…


Unbelievably still not fixed


поссии is the genitive form of Russia?


First, it's России, not поссии. And I'm not an expert in this case (:D), but I found that it is russian Prepositional Case.


It's genitive, not prepositional, the unpronounceable one is right. The prepositional and genitive forms of this word are identical, but из takes genitive, not prepositional.


Do Russians really pause the sentence where the dash is?


in informal spoken lang - almost not


My dad's from Russia just got flagged as wrong


Click the report button and select "my answer should be accepted".


I recall reading elsewhere on another board that while we will as a matter of course use 's for statements of possession - "dad's hat," "dad's day in the sun," etc. - we will not find that Duolingo will accept 's for contractions, as in dad is --> dad's. I do not believe that this will change anytime soon.


I guess what that means - they have some accepted contractions that are automatically generated. This can create problems occasionally, the one I've ran into is when 's is accepted for has where it doesn't fit. It's obvious why the contraction for "is" won't be accepted automatically... But as far as I know the Russian team could add it manually if they want to.


Thanks very much to both of you (Ruth and Theron) - interesting points. I'm here to learn Russian, not English, so I'm personally quite OK about having to adjust to any understandable limitations like this. I'll get to learn the sense of the Russian sentence anyway, but just a very little bit later. But if there is more scope for alternative but correct English translations, it would make it that bit more comfortable. For all of us. That`s why I posted. So thanks again for your insights.


I agree that there could be more flexibility to the translation, since 's in both written and spoken English are commonly accepted as natural and appropriate grammar (except in my teachers' formal papers!). Not having seen what the Duo database of sentences looks like, I'm hazarding a wild guess that each sentence (not just each word) has to be added manually, and that would be a lot of additions to make, considering how many translation variations they already have to input on what are pretty simple sentences. Again, just a guess, but if it is so, I could see how they would stick to non-contracted words for their own sanity. :) I understand and appreciate your reasons for posting. Be well.


Papa and father are the same...


This sentence doesn't need a dash.


You know, coincidentally, all of the words in this sentence sound similar to English words (Though not necessarily with the same meaning). When I heard this sentence, I thought: "My papa is Russia" ._.


My brain jumbled up English and Russian and i thought the sentence was "My dad is Russia."


Is the audio for из correct? I hear "ez" instead of "iz" (but only when I click on the phrase rather than the individual word)?


My dad is from Russia should be correct I reported this


Is the dash essential?


"My dad is from Russia". Why isn't this correct. Explain please.


Why is my dad is russian wrong?


The options are all wrong.only moscow is closer to shoukdve been answer russia.and im marked wrong for choosing it?


Multiple-choice questions are generated differently every time, so if you're going to comment on one, please copy and paste all three possible answers if you can.

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