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  5. "Zwierzę i mężczyzna"

"Zwierzę i mężczyzna"

Translation:An animal and a man

February 9, 2016



Article is not always needed here


I keep putting the right answer but it keeps saying it is wrong. This is the second time it has happened and it won't let me move on.


this is messed. everywhere we can translate "zwierzę" to "an animal" or "the animal". why isn't the second option accepted here?


Would beast be correct?


I've a actually just looked up 'beast' in a dictionary and the first translation it gave me was 'zwierzę'. But... no, that's just too much here. 'Zwierzę' is a very neutral and common term and 'beast' just doesn't reflect that. Maybe it works in some collocations, but I wouldn't accept it here.

Zwierz is a similar, albeit literary word, which fits your suggestion much better.


"the animal an the man" is uncorrect but the article doesn't matter here!


"the animal an the man" has a typo in "and" and it seems that the grading system is quite harsh here, I see this answer is rejected.

"the animal and the man" without a typo is correct and accepted.

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