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  5. "Wij zijn gescheiden."

"Wij zijn gescheiden."

Translation:We are divorced.

February 9, 2016



How do you say "We are separated" versus "We are divorced"?


Some would say, Wij zijn uit elkaar, to distinguish separation (vs divorce). Roughly translated as, "We are out of each other". Or, Wij gaan uit elkaar.


The audio won't accept any pronunciations!

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The dropdown for gescheiden says divorced / separated. Do the Dutch really not have different words for these states?

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Is the same word for divorced and separated in Dutch?

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Is the same word for divorced and separated in Dutch?

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In other lessons, gescheiden could mean either "divorced" or "separated".


Duo, that's my life secrets you are talking about man


Waarom blij je van je gescheiden


Waarom ben je blij dat je gescheiden bent? is how you would word that question.


Sure! I'm not a native Dutch speaker, but I'll do my best.

For one, you were trying to use blij as a verb, but blij is an adjective. You wouldn't say "ik blij van..." but rather "ik ben blij dat..." I am glad that...

So the question would be: Why are you so happy? Waarom ben je zo blij?

Next you were trying to use gescheiden as a noun: je/jouw gescheiden, your divorce. But gescheiden is an adjective: We zijn gescheiden. We are divorced. Ik ben gescheiden. I am divorced. Je bent gescheiden. You are divorced.

In English you might ask, "Why are you so glad to be divorced?" But in Dutch it's more like "Why are you so glad that you're divorced?" Waarom ben je zo blij dat je gescheiden bent?

"Waarom blij je van je gescheiden" sounds like you're asking, "Why glad you from your divorced?"

Hope this helps!


Woah, Dank u wel, it does help, one last question what's blij as a verb how can you tell them a part, like verbs adjective and etc.


There is no specific verb for blij which is why you need to use a form of the verb zijn (to be): Ik ben blij. I can't really explain how to tell them apart. It's just something you have to learn as you progress with the language. The simplest explanation is that a verb expresses an action (rennen: ik ren de trap op), a state of being (zijn: ik ben jaloers), ownership (hebben: ik heb een auto), etc., while an adjective describes someone or something: een blije baby; hij is blij; zij is blij. In English you say: I am hungry (verb + adjective). Hungry describes your state of being. While in Dutch you say: ik heb honger (verb + noun). Honger is something that you possess: I have hunger.


Veel Bedankt, can you please tell me why does it need a "Ben" and maybe more reasons why my sentence is wrong.


I wrote We are separated. It was not accepted


I'm not a good Dutch speaker but In my instinct, your sentence is not specific as it can be separation from anything, and the Dutch word for divorce and separation can be different. so that's why you must use divorced than separation, can anybody back this up please.


This is a barren wasteland, like this relationship :0

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