"Do you want toast?"

Translation:Dych chi eisiau tost?

February 9, 2016

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Does anyone no why you can use either 'Dych chi' eisiau tost? vs 'Wyt ti' eisiau tost? Is one more formal then the other? thanks.


Yes: there are two you's in Welsh. Formal: chi. Informal: ti. So the formal way in this instance is 'Dych chi eisiau tost?', and the informal way is 'Wyt ti eisiau tost?'


And "dych chi..." would also be used when addressing a group of people, whether informally (your brothers and sisters) or formally (a bunch of tourists staying at your hotel), right?


Anyone know why Duolingo gave me 'moyn' instead of 'eisiau' here. I know that they both mean want but 'moyn' seems to be very seldom used and I can't say I've ever heard it being used.


Anyone know why Duolingo gave me 'moyn' instead of 'eisiau' here.

Probably because you wrote Dych chi'n eisiau tost? or something similar, with 'n in it.

eisiau does not take yn before it. It's just Dych chi eisiau tost?

However, the synonym moyn is a regular verb and does require yn when used with a form of bod, e.g. Dych chi'n moyn tost?


Ha ha. Yes, it's quite possible that I did do that, I'll try and remember for the next time. Thanks.


Thank you for this explanation. I couldn't remember why 'n was wrong here.

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