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  5. "Do you have some water?"

"Do you have some water?"

Translation:Macie trochę wody?

February 9, 2016



I was surprised by "wody", was expecting "wodę"....(fem. sg. acc.)...but then I don't know the rules yet....

So from the declension of "woda" at... https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/woda#Polish

we're either using nom. plural, acc. plural, gen. sing. or voc. plural (unlikely)

which is it please?


genitive sing. (water is uncountable in this sentence)


Why is it genitive? Uncountable words are in genitive?


because of "trochę" quantifiers like this require genitive.

trochę should be in accusative, but as "trochę" does not change with cases, you don't see that.

Macie szklankę wody?= Do you have a glass of water?, works the same , but you see glass in accusative, water in genitive


Thanks ! I realized it when I was a couple questions further


The 'some' part (just like "a bit", "a lot of" and I think all the other quantifiers) needs Genitive.


My grammar book says genitive is used for all quantifiers.


Can I ask what grammar book you are using? I'd like to buy one.


can this also mean "do you have any water"?


We wondered, and it doesn't seem like a good translation.


Not sure that I agree; a normal rule in English is that "some" is used with affirmative and "any with negative and interrogative - eg, "I've got some water but he hasn't got any"; "have you got any water? We desperately need some". nb, if the interrogative is used to make an offer, then "some" is normal - eg "Do you want some water?" I realise that the suggested answers try to mirror the Hungarian form, but at least for the sake of non-mother tongue English learners, we should depart too far from standard English. Hope this helps.


I would rather accept "any water" for normal "Masz wodę?" than "Masz trochę wody?"... That's my feel, at least...


OK, a case where English grammar/usage does not match that of Polish.


"Do you have any water?" (Macie wodę?) is just a simple question. "Do you have some water?" (Macie trochę wody?) implies a request: "Could you give me some?"

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