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How long does it normally take for support requests to get answered?

I wrote a support request today (my streak had disappeared :-( ) using the support tab on the left of the screen, and when I saw the automated email I received based on it, I realized I had written a support request back in early November, and never heard back.

Are all (sensible and non-spammy) support requests answered? How long does it normally take?

December 23, 2013



They don't always answer support request, although sometimes they will fix a problem without letting you know.
I have written several support request, and noticed the issues I noticed were resolved, but I never received a response back.


Unfortunately, in my experience support requests through the site or by e-mail will only get you automated replies. For now, your best bet seems to be to try to get help in the forums.


It looks like you didn't finish any lessons on December 20th, so that's why your streak got reset.

We try to answer all support requests, but sometimes miss a few -- we have 16 million users and less than 30 people working on the team.


Thanks for the reply! My weekly progress showed that I earned 34 skill points on Friday 20 December, though, and 13 on Saturday 21 December, so there's something not adding up. I only do lessons for now, so I must have earned those points from finishing lessons.

I don't know how to post screenshots here, but I'll send one via email in reply to the automated response with the ticket number.

(I never thought I'd be one of those people caring so much about their streaks, but now that my 60ish day streak that I've kept up since I first heard about Duolingo a couple of months ago is gone, I seem to have become one of them... :-)


Where are you seeing your weekly progress?


Up in the right hand corner of the home screen, where by default it says "French" and shows the gold bar of how close I am to the next level, and then behind the other tab I see "Weekly progress" which gives me the number of coins/points earned the last seven days.


This is what I see when I impersonate your account:


There is an issue with time zones and properly registering the points. I changed time zones last week, and I used duolingo two times per day, to make sure that I will not lose my streak. However the one day that I practiced only one time, it was past midnight in one timezone, and before midnight in the other so I ended in a weird situation: on my tablet that I had set the time to the local timezone I could see one day with zero points, while on my computer which I didn't change the time, the points appeared on every day... (this was only in Italian, so the total streak was preserved, but the italian strteak counter was reset).

EDIT: So in the tablet I could see a picture similar to the one Luis is showing above, and in the computer I saw a picture similar to the one annika_a is showing bellow.


How strange! Can you tell me how to include a screenshot here? I sent one via email and I've seen people do it before, but I can't seem to figure it out.


Include screenshots like this:

<pre>![](http://i.imgur.com/XJp5JKs.png) </pre>


Hmm, this seems to be a timezone issue. We will try to fix.


Thanks for the help!


In reply to mptmpt, since I can't reply directly on his/her comment: Yup, I seem to have the same problem. I think I did the "missing" lesson on my phone (which changes timezone automatically), whereas lessons I do here in the other timezone on my laptop seem to be allocated to a particular day according to its own (original) timezone.

Since my streak is still in the pitiful single digits, I guess the lesson for me is not to attach too much value to the streak, and just use it as a tool for encouraging learning (yeah, I finally got my whole tree back to golden again today!).

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