"The boy is showing the new bread."

Translation:Chłopiec pokazuje nowy chleb.

February 9, 2016

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why is it "pokazujesz czerwonego pomidora" but "chłopiec pokazuje nowy chleb" and not nowego chleba?


Unfortunately, there is no rule as to which foods are animate and which are not


Well, they are mostly fruits and vegetables, but true, there isn't any rule. I think it's quite likely though that this course doesn't teach any 'non-fruit-or-vegatable' noun that is considered animate despite not being animate in fact.


What is the difference between chlopiec and chlopca? Examples would be helpful :)


"chłopiec" is Nominative, "chłopca" is Accusative.

Nominative is mostly used for the subject of the sentence: "Chłopiec jest wysoki" (The boy is tall).

Accusative is mostly used for the direct object of the sentence: "Widzę chłopca" (I see a boy).

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